JULY - 2017

Newsletter No 438 25 July 2017

A very enjoyable evening started with PAUL asking us to WALK RIGHT IN and PHIL providing us with a SPANISH MEDLEY. Without hesitation this sent BANJO JOHN way OVER TO THE GLORY LAND and DJ DAVE turned to Tom Snee to CLIMB INTO A RAINBOW which KATH & STAN thought was quite BEAUTIFUL. With a lesson in body images AL rued the PICTURES IN A MAGAZINE whereas ANN was clear in asking LET ME BE YOUR LADY FOR TODAY which made JOHN REED come out with his own SMILE. Miles away in New Zealand DON & HEATHER bade FAREWELL TO THE GOLD before HILARY teased with a rhyme THE DENTIST and ROBIN took to the COUNTRY ROADS. Next BEN gave us his take on CRAZY MAN MICHAEL leaving MARIAN to sing LAKE OF COOLFIN (Irish folk song) and JAMES to tell us it was a GOOD YEAR FOR THE ROSES using his new jumbo guitar. No wonder Poet DAVE thought it was a WONDERFUL LAND as BANJO JOHN celebrated OLD MAN RIVER who PHIL considered a LUCKY MAN. On a more serious level KATH & STAN declared it AIN’T NO SWEET MAN and DJ DAVE presented another conundrum in BROTHERS OF A DIFFERENT MOTHER followed by GOOD MORNING both by Tom Snee. Coming to the break AL told the story behind MACPHERSON’S RANT and JOHN REED sang THE DROVER’S TRAIL from his Moorscape video leaving DON & HEATHER still in the southern hemisphere round the LITTLE POT STOVE.

The interval raffle saw Al win the Wine, Marian win the Chocolates, James win the Mug Set and DVD’s go to Martin, Ben, Jill and Dave before PAUL kicked off with YOUR CHEATING HEART followed by BEN with SOLDIER, SOLDIER and HILARY with some ONE LINERS. Next ANN went all serious with the BALLAD OF LUCY JORDAN before MARIAN sang about BETSY THE SERVANT MAID both of which sent JAMES away HOMEWARD BOUND. Then late arrival RICHARD staggered in to borrow James’ new guitar for the BALLAD OF A THIN MAN as KATH & STAN recommended we KEEP ON THE SUNNY SIDE to which PHIL replied with entertainment or DIVERTISSEMENT – 3 French tunes so who knows how JOHN REED came up with THE MADNESS. With his first ever folk song composition AL told us THE WAY OUT OF MANCHESTER but BEN said IF YOU WANT TO BE LOVED to which JAMES replied SHE BELONGS TO ME (Dylan) as RICHARD set off for THE PROMISED LAND. He should have known he was in it as DON, HEATHER & PAUL set out with the RAMBLING BOY but soon took refuge in the RED ROSE CAFE leaving PAUL & RICHARD to band up with all the rest of the able bodied for WAGON WHEEL ending an excellent evening. 

Newsletter No 437 18 July 2017

Setting the scene for a lively evening PAUL kicked off with a JUG BAND song MOBILE LINE followed by KAMRAN with B-RAG and PHIL with ROOTS by Steve Knightley. Then coming out in support of the small country communities JAN sang HOMELAND by Dougie Maclean followed by CHRIS who certainly WASN’T EXPECTING THAT by Jamie Lawson as BEN went traditional with LONDON TOWN. Meanwhile ED was DOWN IN LOUISIANA while Poet DAVE declared THY WILL BE DONE by Tom Snee leaving MARK in search of a SUNNY AFTERNOON. More classically ANN confidently fished for THE TROUT and MIKE declared it a MAD WORLD only for DON, HEATHER & PAUL to band up for a trip ACROSS THE BORDERLINE. Again traditionally MARIAN sang POLLY OLIVER followed by the welcome visit of COLIN RUDD who sang IN THE MORNING (in two parts) and led the Sale Folk Club Choir in WHERE DO YOU GO TO MY LOVELY. Next CHRIS retuned with THE RUDIGER (Knopfler) and PAUL unveiled his own composition UKULELE BLUES IN C which gave KAMRAN the HESITATION BLUES and sent MARK & JAN away OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY. Heading to the interval ED gave some marriage guidance with PUT ANOTHER LOG ON THE FIRE while Poet DAVE explained what might go wrong in some cases with WHICH WAY SHALL WE GO by Tom Snee even ending up with HOSPITAL FOOD (David Gray) sung by MIKE just before COLIN suggested we should RE-NATIONALISE THE RAILWAYS (Pete Morton).

The big raffle saw Dave win the Red Wine, Paul win the Tea Pot and Cup, Ed win the Room Perfume, Jackie win the Box of Biscuits, Heather win the DVD and Kamran win the De-Luxe Body Wash before MARIAN opened with CONSTANT LOVERS. No wonder PHIL felt he was LIVING BY NUMBERS as BEN looked into his LITTLE BLUE BOOK as ANN warned of the danger to boats on the Rhine with DI LORELEI. Similarly DON & HEATHER warned of the girls from where the BLARNEY ROSES grow and MIKE warned what can happen at TWILIGHT TIME leaving KAMRAN to comment, SO RELAX. Yet another warning dame from PHIL with his FOG ON THE TYNE and in their way MARK & JAN did the same with Darwin and evolution when they promised WE’LL HUNT HIM DOWN. Fortunately, CHRIS obviously WEATHERED THE STORM as BEN confessed his new lady friend was UNBEARABLE but all ended well as PAUL banded up with Chris, Ben, Don, Mark et al to ROLL THE OLD CHARIOT ALONG and DON & HEATHER recommended we should all STEAL AWAY after a top night of music, song, verse and good craic!

Newsletter No 436 11 July 2017

A smaller but perfectly formed group of individual were harnessed into action by GRASSROOTS as they WANDERED BY A BROOKSIDE followed by BANJO JOHN who was looking out for FANLIGHT FANNY but all PAUL RILEY could see was COLOURS as JO walked by in her LONG BLACK VEIL. Then for the first time DAVE C stood up to read THE HOUSE I NOW DWELL IN as newcomers SAM & TONY sang TEARS IN HEAVEN while AL went traditional with ERIN GO BRAGH which left KATH & STAN definitely WATERBOUND. Next MARIAN confessed THERE’S A HERB IN MY FATHER’S GARDEN before another newcomer MIKE brilliantly played and sang I REMEMBER WHEN, a good song, which prompted ED to reply, SILVER TONGUED DEVIL!! Then after a long time no see JAN sang HUMAN followed by HELEN who claimed it was RAINING ON SUNDAY as PETER visited THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN where JAMES got the COCAINE BLUES. Going solo JONATHAN was with the DOLPHINS as GRASSROOTS went on BRIGHTON BEACH and BANJO JOHN  confessed I GET THE BLUES WHEN IT RAINS. No wonder PAUL had TROUBLE IN MIND as JO met that WAYFARING STRANGER as we came to the interval.

After a bumper raffle SAM & TONY declared EVERYTHING I OWN and followed it with the 59th STREET BRIDGE SONG since they were feeling groovy. KATH & STAN on the other hand were off to the BAY OF BISCAY-O but still MIKE was ONE SAD COCKNEY LAD even though JAMES invited him to a GARDEN PARTY. This left Poet DAVE C to recite the poem CARIBBEAN CALICO AND HONEY and HELEN to play and sing I WISH IT WOULD RAIN and PETER to reflect on THE GRAND AFFAIRE. Then like a magician ED opened THE BOX as AL asked WHAT’S IT TO YOU before JAN sang about the CARIBBEAN QUEEN. Coming to the end of a great night MIKE sang BE WITH YOU which left GRASSROOTS to put the lid on it with WILLIE STEWART. Excellent!

Newsletter No 435 4 July 2017
A full house greeted DON & HEATHER on the 4the JULY AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE PARTY NIGHT as they set out on the WESTERN RANGE, the home of the cowboy, but BANJO JOHN was more at home in MANHATTEN and BRIAN what to look for IF YOU’RE EVER IN OKLAHOMA. But AL warned THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGING and sometimes SUE & GEOFF want to say I’LL FLY AWAY as PHIL sat back with THE GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL (Larry Norman). Young WILL then debuted with an instrumental version of THE SHAPE OF YOU as ROBIN took off to the STREETS OF BALTIMORE leaving JO to ask WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE and BEN to enquire WHERE IS MY MIND. On a more cheery note PAUL told us THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND but for KATH & STAN it was at least 900 MILES away as HELEN turned to John Prine for MAKE ME AN ANGEL THAT FLIES FROM MONTGOMERY. Late comers JONATHAN & CHARLIE then announced that BLOOD’S TOO THICK but JO optimistically replied WE SHALL OVERCOME as SIMON told the gory tale of WILD BILL JONES. Meanwhile, JAMES was rocking down ROUTE 66 while BRIAN was gently doing the TENNESSEE WALTZ and PAUL wanted to ROLL IN MY SWEET BABY’S ARMS. Any way up it was a DISASTER for ED and equally bad for BANJO JOHN who had the FOLSOM PRISON BLUES as we hit the CHIPS AND BUTTIES BREAK.

In the big raffle Vic won the wine, Alan won the Budweiser, Andy won the Chocolates, Simon won the Biscuits, Paul won the Cookies and Brian, Will and Sue won DVDs before the second half started on a serious note with AL and THE WAR DRAGS ON but GEOFF claimed ROY ROGERS IS RIDING TONIGHT as BEN went in search of ISIS and ROBIN was meeting a woman in DENVER. Next ANN had a banjo on her knee in OH SUSANNAH but it was HEAVEN’S A BAR for KATH & STAN as PHIL was all TANGLED UP IN BLUE. No wonder SIMON & JAMES were off to JACKSON as SUE & GEOFF demanded PAY ME MY MONEY DOWN but ED was on another plane with BOB DYLAN’S DREAM. For HELEN she had NOTHING BUT TIME (Tom Paxton) but JAMES was off to KANSAS CITY while DON & HEATHER gave a nod to the girl who DANCES FOR DOLLARS before ED, PAUL, DON & HEATHER and the REST  banded up for a rousing version of ALL THE GOOD TIMES to end a mega good night.


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