JUNE - 2017

Newsletter No 434 27 June 2017

A very pleasant and enjoyable evening with HEATHER KENYON supporting PAUL RILEY as he started up with WORRIED MAN BLUES but there were no worries as CHRIS had us all singing with OLD BONES (Jez Lowe) after which HILARY chipped in with THREE JOKES so no wonder GEOFF said it’s all BRIGHT LIGHTS TONIGHT. Then briefly JO sought the quiet of some COUNTRY ROADS but ARTHUR MARSHALL soon put a stop to that by recalling the wild ceilidh night of MRS McGARRITY’S LAST DANCE before ROGER gave us another take on relationship breakdown with his ONE LAST RODEO. Next SUE requested CALL ME but, as AL explained, there no choices on his ROAD TO PASSCHENDAELE as welcome newcomer CHRIS gave us an excellent Frailing Clawhammer Banjo instrumental, FROSTY MORNING and ANN echoed Al’s song with the haunting LILI MARLENE. On returning from holiday DON & HEATHER took us to Australia to meet the DIAMANTINA DROVER as JO was off with the TRAVELLING SOLDIER (Dixie Chicks) so no wonder ARTHUR was hearing his own VOICES. At this point CHRIS hit a cautionary with SUMMER LIGHTENING and LET ME DOWN EASY which had HELEN away LEAVING ON A JET PLANE and GEOFF singing ONE LAST LOVE SONG before CHRIS took us to the interval with a Banjo tune, SOLDIER’S JOY.

A bumper raffle saw Helen win the Port. Sue win the Ouzo, Jill win the Chocolates, Dave win the Humourous Book and Chris win the Purse before PAUL had us in La La Land with BROWN EYED GIRL (Van Morrison) before HILARY responded with a JOKE and a RHYME before AL hit another serious note with a nod to the 51st Highland Division as they bid FAREWELL TO SICILY. Then it was a sailor and the ROLLING SEA for SUE but ROGER was rooted back home with THE WORKING MAN as ANN & HELEN combined for STEWBALL. With a warning DON & HEATHER advised never wash your hands in MUDDY WATER but HELEN was already up with THE LARK as ARTHUR sang his OLD BONES STILL DREAM in honour of one of his mothers in law. Eager to give his new guitar a good work out GEOFF & SUE shot off on the CITY OF NEW ORLEANS while CHRIS abandoned his for an a cappella PADDY’S NOT AT WORK TODAY and CHRIS stitched it all together with the Banjo tune, NEEDLECASE. Heading for a big finish ANN had us clear our throats with LOWLANDS AWAY while AL warned of the GOLD WATCH BLUES (Donovan) and DON & HEATHER measured the SPEED OF THE SOUND OF LONELINESS before PAUL banded us all up to steal Arthur Marshall’s FENCES since he had left 5 minutes earlier and wasn’t around to do it himself! A top night in anticipation of next week’s 4th of JULY PARTY NIGHT with our usual CHIPS and BUTTIES.

Newsletter No 433 20 June 2017

Another top night in the hands of KATH & STAN who pointedly started off advising us to KEEP ON THE SUNNY SIDE before BRIAN T looked back AS TIME GOES BY and BANJO JOHN, heeding the weather forecast, started SINGING IN THE RAIN. From serious to seriously funny ED told us about ERNIE, THE FASTEST LIBRARIAN IN THE WEST as we welcomed newcomer JOHN REED with his own song WATERGROVE FARM and PAUL turned to BLACK EYED SUSIE. In more upbeat mood JAMES then had us celebrating THE GLORY OF LOVE and JO wondered about the NEXT TIME ROUND as PHIL turned to Show of Hands’ COUSIN JACK. Then it was the turn of romantic BRIAN who treated us to an AMERICAN TRILOGY: LOOK AWAY, DIXIE & JOHN BROWN’S BODY, as ANN hailed the MR PUNCH AND JUDY MAN and BEN gave us THE SWAPPING SONG. Back in formation SIMON & JAMES teamed up for SHADY LIES (Richard Thompson) as BANJO JOHN extolled the virtues of SWEET GEORGIA BROWN before JOHN REED addressed the issue of the world’s water supplies with his own, you can DRY THE LIFE out of me. Addressing another big issue KATH & STAN commented indirectly on a life in fishing with FIDDLER’S GREEN whereas to lighten things up BRIAN T explained how OLD PEOPLE ARE PUSHY leaving JO to be serious about MY LONELY SON and romantic BRIAN to become A LEGEND IN MY TIME as we hit the interval.

In the raffle Kath won the Red Wine, Phil won the White Wine, Ann won the Chocolates and Heather won the Box of Tea before BEN kicked off again with BOOGALOO JONES followed by PAUL with his PEG AND AWL. This stirred PHIL to THROW DOWN THE SWORD and SIMON to tell the story of DANNY ROSE (Richard Thompson) all of which gave ED the NASAL DECONGESTANT BLUES which would have put paid to the singing of ANN’s SWEET NIGHTINGALE. No wonder BRIAN T went off KILLING THE BLUES and JAMES set off at the SPEED OF THE SOUND OF LONELINESS but romantic BRIAN was unimpressed as he turned to SALLY which was right up our alley. In sympathy BEN turned to DOREEN but for some reason PHIL could only retort, Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm, from the CRASH TEST DUMMIES. Then we were back with JOHN REED who again in traditional mood sang another of his own great songs, STANDING STONES, and KATH & STAN played us a couple of tunes, TWIGLET and BODMIN RISING. This built up to a grand finale with PAUL and BLACK BOTTOM BLUES, ED and ALL THE GOOD TIMES are past and gone and SIMON & JAMES who took all down to GREENVILLE. A great night!! 

Newsletter No 432 13 June 2017

On this fine Tuesday evening a small but eclectic group of people turned up for a fine evening’s entertainment hosted by MARK and JAN who started by trying to send everyone to sleep with the lament about the Highland Clearances, HUSH, HUSH. KATH and STAN followed with THE MAN IN THE MOON, and then, despite all evidence to the contrary BRIAN was saying NOBODY KNEW HIS NAME. BANJO JOHN was next with MANHATTEN SONG followed by IAN with a very pleasant instrumental rendition of YESTERDAY. PETER BRIDGE sang LET ME DOWN EASY whilst ED was complaining that he was ALL USED UP. Next up was a newcomer to the club, Jon from Southampton, who was on business in Manchester and didn’t enjoy spending his evenings staring at the walls of his hotel room! We were in for a treat, as JON accompanied himself on a small and unusually designed all wooden banjo (built by “Back Yard Instruments”) in the USA, for WHEN AN OLD CRICKETER LEAVES THE CREASE. ANDY was our next contributor with CITY OF NEW ORLEANS which was chosen from a list he’d given to our hosts on his arrival before SIMON was CROSSING MUDDY WATERS. Bringing the first round to a conclusion PAUL sang DARK AS A DUNGEON. JAN began round 2 with THE VERDANT BRAES OF SCREAN and then BANJO JOHN with SHINE and MARK picked up on Paul’s mining theme with THE LAST PIT IN THE RHONDDA. Late arrival, RICHARD, in his unique inimitable style, gave us BLACK TO GREY TO GOLD followed by TWO TUNES from KATH and STAN, THE RAKES OF MARLOW and the DORSET FOUR HAND REEL. BRIAN was next with the second lunar reference of the evening, WHEN THE MOON IS RISING and the hosts’ choice for Andy’s next song was BIRD ON THE WIRE with BANJO JOHN bringing us up to the interval with SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET.

After the raffle which saw Ros winning the red wine, Andy the Quality Street, Ken the plant and Gillian the body lotion stuff PAUL launched us into the second half with DRILL YE TARRIERS, DRILL followed by another instrumental from IAN, TENDERLY. Unusual BANJO JON, picking up on the earlier mining theme, then gave a fine recital of a poem THE LAST DEEP MINE IN ENGLAND with PAUL helping out with a haunting accompaniment on the harmonica. ED was next on a VISIT TO THE PALACE whereas PETER BRIDGE was in ENGLAND 1914 with SIMON expounding the joys of being a WEREWOLF. Then RICHARD started the last round with WHEN ANGELS CRY before another latecomer PETER M., gave a lovely rendition on Dougie MacLean’s version of THE MOUNTAINS OF MOURNE. IAN’S next instrumental was A PIECE WITH NO NAME (it was suggested “May in June” might be an appropriate name) followed by PETER BRIDGE and WINNIE’S RAG. The final choice for ANDY was CRAZY MAN MICHAEL then SIMON asked AFTER YOU’VE GOT WHAT YOU WANT before Southampton JON sang Ronnie Lane’s THE POACHER and ED had everyone in fits with TIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN. Finally KATH and STAN were sad about the FORSAKEN MERMAID, PAUL was GOING DOWN THE ROAD FEELING SAD and MARK & JAN rounded off a fine evening with I WASHED MY HANDS IN MUDDY WATER.
Newsletter No 431 6 June 2017

Some people might think that the weather would put a dampener on things but that is impossible in Sale Folk Club as Ed & Sue lit the after burners on a wonderful evening which saw PAUL open the night with PUTTING ON THE STYLE (Lonnie Donegan) and to celebrate the life of VIN GARBUTT who had just passed away ED sang his CAROL ANN KELLY in tribute. Back to his roots PHIL played and sang CITY OF PLYMOUTH (Maggie Duffy) followed by ANN who sang VAIR ME ORO VAN O and BRIAN who played the ukulele and attempted to play the kazoo, the wrong way round initially, at the same time for I’M AN URBAN SPACEMAN. Then there was a big welcome for old friend ANN COJEEN who sang WHAT’S THE LIFE OF A MAN, in memory of Derrick Kenyon as it was one of his favourites. To lighten the mood HILARY came up with several very funny jokes before JOHN COJEEN sang, for the first time at our club, MY NAME IS DAN MURPHY which left late arrival BIG JOHN to be forced into singing DREAMS and end round one even before he had a chance to go to the bar. Gathering pace PAUL returned to sing and play HESITATION BLUES and ED rose to sing one on Dylan’s best, RAMONA, before disaster struck for the shipwrecked sailors in ANN’s lovely LORELEI. Fortunately PHIL as told us I’M ALRIGHT (Lowden Wainwright) as BRIAN went off with the UKULELE LADY and ANN COJEEN sang about the fate of the OLD MAID IN A GARRET. No wonder BIG JOHN next had us all singing along with THERE’LL NEVER BE ANYONE ELSE before JOHN COJEEN obliged again by singing the very funny GRUMPY OLD MEN OF ENGLAND and HILARY unleashed more humour with another joke. Well on the way to the interval ED gave us some advice with THE GAMBLER followed PHIL who played a beautiful instrumental version of THE SEAGULL before ANN was requested to sing THE SHABBY OLD CABBY which left BRIAN to having us tapping our feet to a medley of 5’ 2” EYES OF BLUE, YES SIR, THAT’S MY BABY and finally AIN’T SHE SWEET.

In the raffle John Cojeen won the bottle of French Red Wine; Brian won the African Monkey Balls which he wanted for his granddaughter; Ann won the large tub of Roses chocolates and very kindly shared them amongst us all; and Hilary very appropriately won the ‘Book of After Dinner Stories’ which she required for her next performance! Starting the second half MARIAN was persuaded to sing THE PLOUGHBOY before PAUL asked WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH THE MILL and ANN COJEEN sang BLACK SHAWL and BIG JOHN sang Dean Martin’s EVERYBODY LOVES SOMEBODY SOME TIME. Luckily HEATHER KENYON then stepped up to join in and read a very funny poem called DISASTER AT SEA and JOHN COJEEN then rose to sing THE FIREMAN before HILARY immediately read two of the stories from the book that she had just won in the raffle and she was very funny especially as she had forgotten her spectacles! Then, would you believe it, we entered round four with ED also reciting a poem this time with audience participation, SHURRUP YOU BLOODY LIAR, before PHIL took us IN A COURT OF THE CRIMSON KING as BRIAN teamed up with PAUL for extra verses in JESUS ON THE MAINLINE with a huge climax in sight. ANN started it with LUCY JORDAN before PAUL led us all for WILD MOUNTAIN THYME and ANN COJEEN turned to THE RECRUITED COLLIER. To finish JOHN COJEEN, who we had never heard sing before, impressed us all by never forgetting his words even on his fourth song of the evening, THE GOLDEN STREAM, as ED confessed YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND and PHIL declared he was A MAN OF THE WORLD before BIG JOHN finally closed a brilliant evening at 11 pm with one everyone singing DREAM LOVER. Mega!


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